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Subway Dedicated to G-Dragon

Updated Sep 5th 2017 GMT

[Dispatch] A subway in Korea that is dedicated to G-Dragon is going viral.

One car of subway is decorated with G-Dragon's new album 'Kwon Ji Yong.' The 'Kwon Ji Yong' train will be operating from July 6 to August 5 for one month.

This has been made possible by G-Dragon's fans to promote his new album. Everything inside the subway has been decorated with G-Dragon's album arts.

The class of G-Dragon's fans dedication to their star is amazing. The Kwon Ji Yong train is Seoul Metro Line 3.

If you go to the first or the last car of Subway Line 3, you will be able to meet the G-Dragon train. The fans shared the tips to take the subway. "It is good to arrive 10 minutes before the expected arrival time."

Let's check out G-Dragon train filled with fans' love. 

From floor to the ceiling covered with G-Dragon

If you are in Seoul, don't forget to check out G-Dragon train!

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