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YG Entertainment Releases Statement Regarding Lee Jong Suk’s Fan Meeting Delay

Updated August 11th 2017 GMT

[Dispatch] YG Entertainment has released a statement regarding actor Lee Jong Suk’s fan meeting plan’s postponement.

On August 11, in a statement YG Entertainment said, “We are all doing our best to prepare a high quality Lee Jong Suk’s Private Stage. In a process to deliver the best possible result, actor Lee Jong Suk has made the post to fans who have waited a long time will understand.”

Actor Lee Jong Suk has posted an Instagram about the reason behind his fan meeting plan’s postponement.

“In the process that is aiming to produce the best possible result, he uploaded that post because he hopes the fans who have waited a long time will understand,” they stated. “We would be grateful if you understand Lee Jong Suk’s warm intentions.”

They added, “We sincerely hope that you will kindly understand Lee Jong Suk’s warm intentions.”

Previously on August 11, Lee Jong Suk took it to his Instagram to share the news about his fan meeting. He wrote, “I understand that there are many fans waiting for the fan meeting. We were planning a fan meeting event. However, due to each of YG teams have a lot of pride and self-esteem and the communication didn’t work out so, and we have some discrepancies between the performance team about the contents of the event, we ended up bringing outside experts on board. This is eating up a lot of time, so we might need to postpone the event until next year. I’m sorry for making you wait. I’ll let you know as soon as possible!”

This was due to his fans complaining about the event and he decided to speak up about why his fan meeting plans have been postponed. However, some are criticizing Lee Jong Suk for disclosing the issues with his agency YG Entertainment on his Instagram.

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