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[Seoul, Sarah] Gwang Jang Market

Updated October 12th 2017 GMT

A lot of Korea’s traditional markets offer a diverse and wide selection of popular snacks and traditional food.

Gwangjang market is the oldest traditional market in Seoul.

Located at 88 Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Take Subway Line 1 to Jongno 5-ga Station (Exit 7).

Hours vary by store. Generally, stores are open 9:00-18:00. Some stores open as early as 7:00 and close as late as 19:00.

Except for clothing and food stalls, most stores are closed on Sundays.

I believe it’s a busy day everyday over here! Except for when stores are closed of course.

There are bibimbaps, soups, mandus, tteokbokki, kimbaps and food I’m not even sure how to pronounce.

Trying traditional Korean street food is a must for every visitor.

Soondae is what I decided to have. This is a very popular traditional dish but I must warn you of the ingredients!

It is made of pork blood, intestines and what looked to me like clear noodles.

I know it doesn’t look very appetizing but the liverish, iron-rich taste grows on to you. It has become one of my favorites!

Next up. LIVE OCTOPUS!!!

These baby octopi/octopuses are chopped up while they’re alive as you order to ensure freshness when you eat it.

The weird part about it though is that the tentacles continue to move after chopping them up. As you’re chewing down on a tentacle it squirms in your mouth.

I couldn’t find the courage to order one as I can clearly see the octopus alive and wriggling in a small tank.

My heart couldn’t handle it.

So instead I got some assorted sashimi!!! There were more on the plate but I forgot to take a photo before eating. LOL.

The older octopus sashimi was not what I expected.. It was very chewy and had no fishy taste to it.

But mmmmm that salmon tho. Yum yum!

They have plenty of sweet snacks for you to choose from, That is, If you’re willing to wait.

Some of the lines were just too long and it was getting cold so I decided to try them another time. 🙂

AAAAAAHHH delicious sugar cane juice completed my meal!

The food here in Korea is unbelievably delicious, I might gain too much weight. 😮




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