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[Seoul, Sarah] 100 million views on youtube for Punch & Chanyeol’s “Stay With Me”.

Updated November 13th 2017 GMT

Ladies and gentlemen Punch and Chanyeol’s “Stay With Me” OST pt 1 from the popular drama Dokkaebi A.K.A Goblin, has reached more than 100 million views.

I am viewer 100,196,289!! YAAASS.

This is actually the first time I saw the video but I knew about this song last year and went straight on spotify to download it.

Chanyeol passionately singing with his eyes closed never disapppoints.

I feel that Bae Jin-Yeong (Punch) however, is under appreciated. She has a breathy silvery voice that has sung for a few other dramas you may recognize like pinocchio, scarlet heart and descendants of the sun.


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