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Lee Joon+Jung So Min, ‘Real’ Winner of Couples Awards

Updated Jan 1st 2018 GMT

Lee JoonXJung So Min, ‘Real’ Winner of Couples Awards

▶Who : Lee Joon(31) and Jung So Min(30)

▶When : December, 2017

▶Where : Chung-Dam-Dong, GangNam, Seoul

▶What : Even if the drama is over, even if he joined the Army…They are dating now.

▶Why : The second love story of January 1, 2018….is Lee Joon and Jung So Min. The two acted as a couple in the drama ‘My father is Strange’. What about in real life?

▶How : Lovely couple in reality. Lee Joon met Jung So Min as soon as he gets vacation from the Army. ‘Dispatch’ caught this sweet moment.

At ‘2017 KBS Drama Awards’, Lee Joon and Jung So Min didn’t nominate for the ‘Couples Awards’. Lee Joon was excluded from the list because of his military status.

Most of fans feel really sad. Because it was the best of the drama couple this year.

In fact, It does not matter for them that nominating from ’Couples Awards’. Because, they are real. Even if the drama is over, and he joined the Army, love is ongoing now.

Lee Joon is falling in love with Jung So Min. After the drama is over, their relationship is developing much deeper.

‘Dispatch’ caught this lovely moment.

Lee Joon said Goodbye to Jung So Min who is going on a schedule. He worried her if she gets cold.

Lee Joon touched So Min Jung’s chin. They felt so sad to separate each other. So…

They came to each other, again.

“I hope you are doing well today“

Lee Joon is spending the warmest winter ever this year.

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