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[Seoul, Sarah] Former Wonder Girl’s member Sunye signs with Polaris Entertainment.

Updated August 10th 2018 GMT

Former Wonder Girls’ member Sunye signs an exclusive contract with Polaris Entertainment.

On the 10th of August, Polaris Entertainment announced, “We discussed matters related to this contract for a very long time with Sunye, and afterward, we were able to come to a positive agreement to work together… We know that there are many questions surrounding Sunye’s return to broadcasts, but no specific promotion plans have been set up yet. Please send your warm gazes and cheers toward Sunye, who is hoping to embark on the third chapter of her life after spending 5 years as a mother of two and the wife of a happy family.” 

The label continued, “We are thankful toward Sunye for making a difficult decision. We hope to be like family for her, whom she can rely on through the tough and difficult times.” 


Photo Source<Marie Claire><Wonder Girls>

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