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[Seoul, Sarah] Pentagon’s E’Dawn and Hyuna will not be part of ‘2018 Incheon K-Pop Concert’.

Updated August 10th 2018 GMT

Pentagon’s E’Dawn and Yanan, including Hyuna, will not be participating in this years’ ‘2018 Incheon K-Pop Concert‘.

Reports have stated in the past how E’Dawn and Yanan will not be attending their group’s upcoming fan club event. Yanan will not be attending due to unadjustable schedule arrangements while E’Dawn is unable to attend due to internal issues.

On the 9th of August, 2018 Incheon K-Pop Concert’s official website revealed:

We’re letting you know the artist lineup for 2018 INK has been changed. Due to an internal issue with the agency, the artists will be absent from the concert,” naming HyunA, E’Dawn, and Yanan.

2018 Incheon K-Pop Concert‘ also apologized to fans who waited to see Yanan, E’Dawn and Hyuna.


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