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CHANYEOL x DJ Raiden, “Yours” remix album..reinterpreted as a trap genre

Updated Sep 15th 2020 GMT

EXO CHANYEOL and DJ Raiden once again will bring a musical synergy together.

SM Entertainment released on the 15th, “CHANYEOL and DJ Raiden’s “Yours” album will be out to public as a remix version on the September 17th, 12pm”.

This single album “Yours” was out on the May. Raiden produced and composed the album, and CHANYEOL added his sweet voice to the song.

“Yours” is a disco R&B genre, with funky guitar retro mood song. The song is about how after a breakup complex emotion of lovers about missing each other are compared to various colors.

For this time, they remix the album as trap genre. Producer DJ Blinders participated on the album. It was added with faster beats and base sounds for the song.

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