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“Record of Youth”, 1st in drama ranking…”Park Bogum’s youth stole fan’s heart”

Updated Sep 16th 2020 GMT

tvN “Record of Youth” ranked No.1 in Mon/Tuesday drama on TV audience measurement.

Nielsen Korea reported 4th episode of “Record of Youth” reached 7.8%, it ranked no.1 on both local TV and cable channel.

On the 4th episode, Park Bogum began to work towards his dream to be an actor. His mother encourages her son while his dad does not like it.

Fans commented how Park Bogum’s act on going for the dream while having to deal with realistic issues touched fans.

The storyline for this episode was also plus, all the youths and people who has passed the youth can relate to the story.

“Record of Youth” is drama about youths working their way for their own dreams and love.

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