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VICTON, 1st individual teaser.. Se Jun X Byung Chan

Updated Nov 20th 2020 GMT

VICTON member Se Jun and Byung Chan was the first runner up for their new album individual teaser.

On the 20th, PlayM Entertainment released on the official SNS VICTON 1st full album “VOICE : The Future is Now” 1st individual teaser image.

Se Jun and Byung Chan had three different styling versions “The Future”, “Is” and “Now”.

Se Jun shows charisma with a black costume. The dark smoky makeup and chic look made it intense. He also showed his soft and dandy styling in the image.

Byung Chan also showed a masculine image with a velvet look. He also had a boyish image with brown toned clothes and neat makeup.

VICTON will be coming back with 1st regular album on the December 1st. “What I Said” is a Latin pop dance genre.

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