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D.O fanclub made donation to Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation

Updated Jan 12th 2021 GMT

EXO member D.O’s fanclub made a special donation to Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation(KCLF).

On the 12th, D.O’s fanclub D.O. Kyungsoodaum donated 17,000,000 won to KCLF for two years in a row for children with leukemia.

An official from the fanclub mentioned, “We decided to donate to commemorate D.O’s 29th birthday and a healthy discharge. WE live in a healthy daily life but children with cancer are heartbroken and needs care. As D.O. finishing his 18th months of military service successfully, we sincerely hope that the children who are being treated will recover soon”.

KCLF official mentioned, “I would like to thank D.O. and the fanclub, who are always with us for the children who are struggling. Your good deeds will be delivered to children who needs care and they will get a strength and courage in their lives. Thank You”.

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