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Jang Ki Yong, Jung Soo Jung, Chae Soobin real romance “Sweet and Sour” released on Netflix

Updated Apr 7th 2021 GMT

The movie “Sweet and Sour” chose to be released on Netflix. It will be released on June 4th.

“Sweet and Sour” is a real romance story between three person. From the first taste of sweet and sour love to the salty and bitter taste of parting, it draws a realistic relationship.

It is a new work of director Lee Gye Byeok. He directed “Lucky” and “Be Strong, Mr.Lee”. He will show audience realistic relationship.

Jang Ki Yong will play Jang Hyeok, a real type boyfriend who shows affection at first but as time goes by his relationship gradually becomes indifferent.

Jung Soo Jung plays role of Bo-Young, a colleague of Jang Ki Yong. She will compete with Jang Ki Yong and built-up affections.

Chae Soobin will be playing Jang Ki Yong’s girlfriend Daeun. She will show more mature acting in this movie.

The “Sweet and Sour” movie official mentioned, “There will be variety of realistic flavors of love. It will capture viewers with a real love story that brings laugh and sympathy”.

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