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SEVENTEEN, the first nominee for the US ‘Billboard Music Awards’

Updated Apr 30th 2021 GMT

SEVENTEEN was nominated for the Billboard Music Awards in the US. This is the first nomination after debut.

The “2021 Billboard Music Awards” (BBMA) released the list on the official website on the 29th.

SEVENTEEN was named in the “Top Social Artist” category. This is the first time that they have been nominated for the Billboard Music Awards.

SEVENTEEN revealed through a live interview, “It is an honor for us to be nominated. We want to say thank you very much to CARAT who made all this possible”.

SEVENTEEN’s nomination was foreseen, their album “Henggarae” which was released last year and the special album “Semicolon” has become a double million-seller.

In January, they appeared on CBS ‘James Corden Show’ NBC ‘Kelly Clarkson Show’ and ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ in succession and presented a splendid performance.

Meanwhile, the ‘2021 Billboard Music Awards’ will be aired on NBC on the 23rd of next month at 8pm.

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