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NCT DREAM, Online Comeback show on the May 11th…”Hot Sauce”

Updated May 4th 2021 GMT

NCT DREAM is having an online comeback show.

NCT DREAM is having an online comeback show called ‘7 Dream Return! 7+taste=show’.

This is to commemorate the release of the first full album, ‘Hot Sauce’. On this day, NCT DREAM will first unveil the stage of new songs, including the title song “Hot Sauce”.

“Hot Sauce” is a hip-hop song with an afro beat. It features a unique signature sound that seems to memorize a spell. It means to show off a stimulating but inextricable charm.

Fans can look forward to the special stage. NCT DREAM is going to present a variety of stages such as ‘Riding’ and ‘BOOM’ in the 7 member version.

Meanwhile, NCT DREAM will release a new album on major music sites at 6pm on the 10th.

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