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“Nevertheless, but still attracted to it” Han Sohee & Song Kang, breathtaking atmosphere

Updated Jun 9th 2021 GMT

JTBC’s new Saturday special dram “Nevertheless” released the 2nd main poster on the 9th. Han Sohee and Song Kang created a romantic atmosphere.

Han Sohee buried her face in Song Kang’s back. She approached on the butterfly tattoo on Song Kang’s neck and created a breathtaking mood. The phrase “I know, but nevertheless” added curiosity to their relationship.

“Nevertheless” is a youth romance drama. Yuna-bi does not believe in love because of the failure of her first relationship. The story begins when she feels a fateful attraction to a non-lovist Park Jae eon.

The two praised each other for their performances. Song Kang said, “Han Sohee is an actress with a good atmosphere, because of her I could act naturally”.

Han Sohee mentioned, “Song Kang has a clear and playful charm. He became much more attractive character when he merged with the character”.

Meanwhile, drama “Nevertheless” is a total of 10 episode. The first episode will be aired on the June 19th 11pm.

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