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"We question Ms. Choi Young-ah for her attempts of character assassination in regard to actor Kim Seon-ho"

Updated Oct 27th 2021 GMT




[Scoop] ."We question Ms. Choi Young-ah for her attempts of character assassination in regard to actor Kim Seon-ho. The truth and disinformation.


[Dispatch] Ms. Choi Young-Ah has cleared all accounts and claimed the controversy was a mere, “misunderstanding.” She implies a desire for further accusations and the interest of the public eye to come to an end.

However, we can’t help but feel a sense of injustice, of this recent scandal. Ms. Choi, the further we investigate this, the more at a loss we are.

Do you think a simple “It was all a misunderstanding” is enough for such a matter? Here we lay before you, twelve questions regarding this incident. Ms. Choi, it is now time for you to come forth and answer.

Ms. Choi, we are aware that you met actor Kim Seon-ho through mutual friends, late 2019. The relationship soon got serious during early March, the following year. It was also mid-March when your past as a divorcee was revealed.

Kim Seon-ho was undeniably taken aback by the news and engaged in a conversation with a close friend. People around Kim Seon-ho tried to advise to distance himself with Ms. Choi at the time. Are you aware of what Kim Seon-ho said in response?

“I just want to continue seeing her. This relationship started because I liked who she was. I understand my parents might be worried, but to me, her status as a divorcee doesn’t change anything.” (Kim Seon-ho)

We firmly believe that Kim Seon-ho had only wanted to protect her. They have been on countless dates in Busan, Gapeyong, the zoo, amusement parks, the suburbs, etc.

Therefore, it is only reasonable that we find Ms. Choi’s remarks to be highly hypocritical. Ms. Choi, we quote your words, “We weren’t able to date freely. We couldn’t even hold hands when out in public.” We are curious as to why you decide to incite the public, despite the times that have proven your claims to be, false.

What about your claims of Kim Seon-ho’s change of attitude after your abortion?  Will you keep your word that Kim had a change of heart the moment your surgery was completed? What you see above is a picture of the two on a date with their dog “Ho-ah”, at a pet café.

Ms. Choi, do you remember the date July 8th, 2020? We have the actual text you sent to Kim Seon-ho.  (The picture was given to us by a friend of Kim Seon-ho. Friend A)

"I’m sorry, Seon-ho. I deceived and lied to you all because I thought it was for your own good. I thought I had done it because I love you, but I realize it was all for me. I realize my faults, and only now recognize how much pain I inflicted on you because I had only wanted the good in a relationship... I know you probably don’t want to hear anything I have to say right now but I want to apologize again for the times I hurt you.” (Choi Young-Ah)

Kim Seon-ho took the matter to his friend for emotional support. Below, are the text exchanges between Kim and his friend.

Kim Seon-ho: We broke up. I’m at a loss for words.

Friend A: In the morning?

Kim Seon-ho: She got caught lying to me again. I told her I’d let it slide once when I caught her a while back. But she secretly went out with men again and lied saying she didn’t.

Kim Seon-ho: But when I confronted her about it, she confused a time with another and mentioned an occasion I was completely unaware of.

Friend A: I guess she met a lot of men in secret.

Kim Seon-ho: She claimed it was all for work but just didn’t want to tell me.

Kim Seon-ho: I actually have no problem with her going to clubs and I told her that I’m okay with her hanging out with other men. This is all okay as long as she’s honest with me and texts me when she gets home. But she broke that trust again.

Friend A: Yeah, that’s all we really want...

Kim Seon-ho: One time, my shoot ended early, so I asked her what she was up to. She told me she was going to sleep so I went to surprise her with a gift. But when I got there, she wasn’t home, and her car wasn’t there either. After that incident, she told me she wouldn’t lie to me anymore. I’m so mad right now.

Friend A: I think it’s best you date someone else. One that doesn’t get you riled up like this.


The next day, Kim Seon-ho forgave Ms. Choi. He came to the decision after talking to his close acquaintance, B. B remarked “She (Ms. Choi) says she won’t do it again. Her apology seems genuine so maybe you should consider forgiving her.”

B is one of Kim Seon-ho’s trusted juniors in the industry. Ms. Choi mentions B, the musical actor in her long post on the community board. B was regarded as closest to the two people.

Let’s go back in time to July 24th, 2020, and July 27th, 2020.

Ms. Choi confirmed her pregnancy on July 24th. She calls and texts Kim Seon-ho, crying. She claims and we quote again, “Kim Seon-ho’s response was pure trash.”

However, "B"’s side to the story tells a stark contrast.  B claims Kim Seon-ho reacted in a much different way than Ms. Choi had depicted. Kim Seon-ho’s response was allegedly, “This pregnancy is a blessing, don’t cry”, and tried his hardest to console his crying lover.

“Kim Seon-ho’s immediate response was “This is good news” and congratulated her. But I think there was also a part of him that was scared. They both too the time to think about the sudden change of plans. They both concluded that although, regretfully, it’d be best to abort the baby. That’s when they both confided in me for help.”

On July 27th, “B” waited for them at a nearby parking lot. Kim Seon-ho and Ms. Choi came down later than expected. That’s when Ms. Choi suddenly decided to change her mind, and a long conversation between the two ensued.

“The two emerged with puffy eyes. I assume the decision wasn’t easy to come to. While I went to the hospital with Ms. Choi, Kim Seon-ho went out to buy groceries for seaweed soup. Seon-ho is someone who doesn’t know how to cook at all...” (B)

<Above were the events that occurred before and after the abortion.>

Kim Seon-ho was said to have cooked seaweed soup for two weeks after the surgery. Kim Seon-ho also boldly shared his experience in the soup on the popular Korean show, “1 night 2 days.” He took it a step further and accurately provided the recipe for the soup as well. Ms. Choi is aware of who Kim Seon-ho was referring to when he made that statement...

However, Ms. Choi defamed Kim Seon-ho’s character with assertions that he had a change of attitude after the removal of their child. We quote her words, “His attitude towards me changed after the abortion.” “He deceived me with lies regarding marriage and even lied that he was going to introduce me to his parents.”

Ms. Choi, we ask you again Is it true that you were never introduced to Kim Seon-ho’s parents?  (He surely didn’t mention the fact that you’re a divorcee) but he did in fact, introduce you to his parents.

“Dispatch” met with your friend, "C." Your friend seems to know this very well too. Ms. Choi was introduced to Kim Seon-ho’s parents (after the abortion), greeted them, ate meals together, and even slept at his parents’ house.

“After being introduced, they maintained a good relationship with his parents. Kim Seon-ho made an effort to earn Ms. Choi’s trust. He even adopted a dog (named Ho-ah) so she wouldn’t be lonely. (C)


Ms. Choi,  We now move into the topic of “money.”

“Because of his financially unstable childhood, he was obsessive and strict with money. He only sent me two hundred thousand won for both the surgery and the consulting fee.” (Ms. Choi)

Ms. Choi created a frame, a mold of a money stingy image of Kim Seon-ho. She created a reputation that forced an abortion onto her for the sake of his career, someone who carelessly threw two hundred thousand won after her surgery.

However, we inform you that your acquaintance D, has told us accounts that is very different from the picture you painted.

The lavish lifestyle took a toll on Kim Sun-ho.  She bought a luxury bag on Christmas for seven thousand won, used her card, then had Kim Seon-ho transfer the money to her account. We all know because she bragged about it.”

D expressed her distaste during our interview, “When I read her post and the two hundred thousand won claims she was making, I was in disbelief... Even though I’m her friend.”

“I’ve never once seen her pay for anything. Kim Seon-ho would always pay for everything. Kim Sun-ho likes brand names? We all know who the real culprit is here. We all know who’s the one that really likes brand names.” (D)

C and D are your friends, Ms. Choi. However, they actively took part in clearing the disinformation of Kim Seon-ho that you initiated. “This is slander...”, they said, and expressed sympathy for Kim.

“Ms. Choi also considered abortion and thought long and hard about it. Of course, it’s something to be serious about.”

“He’s probably tired of all the lies. It’s ironic how Kim Sun-ho is getting criticized.”

“She was possessive. She would look through his phone, his texts, and DMs.”

“She had hoped for, his misfortune. And that’s what she got.”

This is the information we obtained through our thorough investigation. Ms. Choi, please enlighten us. Are your friends being untruthful? We have fact checked all of the information written in this article.

January 11th, 2021, we at “Dispatch” were tipped from an anonymous source. It included information regarding Ms. Choi, her ex-husband, the reason behind the divorce, and finally, Kim Seon-ho.

Ms. Choi, who do you think sent this email? We do not know, for it was remained anonymous.

 However, you once again claim, “People surrounding my ex-husband is threatening me.”

Kim Seon-ho’s acquaintance, “E” seems to remember the incident very clearly. “E” recounted events from January to April. This is especially hard to forget due to the severity of the situation.

“Kim Seon-ho was having a hard time due to Ms. Choi’s situation. He himself was getting threatened by gangsters, her ex-husband’s wife was bothering him, there was a lawsuit against him, and so much more. It was too much to bear.”

According to “E”,  Ms. Choi claims to have videos and voice recordings in her possession. Among the files, were videos of Kim Seon-ho’s daily life. Is that right, Ms. Choi?

“There was a time when Kim Seon-ho and Ms. Choi looked through each other’s “Kakao” (messaging app) messages. That’s when Kim Seon-ho found saved videos and voice recordings of him on Ms. Choi’s computer. Try looking at it from his perspective, isn’t it scary?”

Ms. Choi, despite all of this, the relationship between the two of you continued, did it not? We heard you both met till April 2021. It was in May when the relationship came to an end.

The abortion took place in July, 2020 and the relationship came to an end in May, 2021.  So we ask you, within the ten months in between, was the relationship smooth sailing? Was it going okay till Kim Seon-ho expressed his desire to end the relationship without notifying you of anything of the sort, prior?

“Dispatch” has met with a lot of people and spent a lot of time understanding every conversation we had within a week of our investigation. Interestingly, your friends took the initiative to reach out to us.

They all had similar accounts of what really went on behind the picture you painted. They remarked that Kim Seon-ho never broke off the relationship after gaining recognition.  Ironically, they all criticized you, Ms. Choi, for your actions and your problems.

Ms. Choi, we understand your pain. However, this isn’t a social problem. This is a lovers' quarrel between the two of you (Kim Seon-ho and Ms. Choi). There are problems that arise in a relationship and even more after it has come to an end. We assume you know this by now.

The misunderstanding has been resolved? If so, that’s genuinely a relief. However, we ask you these last few questions.

Is it okay for someone to cause, misunderstandings?  Are you happy with the result of your misunderstandings?

We conclude this article with a statement from acquaintance “B.”

“Kim Seon-ho tried to reason with her assertions. He remarked ‘Because It’s true that we did abort the baby, and this was once someone I loved.’ He tried his hardest to understand. He didn’t want to argue in the eyes of the public. That’s why rather than refuting her claims, he apologized instead. That’s the kind of person Seon-ho is. The two shared a love and a relationship that was no different from the average relationship. He has never once hid his love or relationship with Ms. Choi. I have seen it all.”





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